Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jones Street Station @ The Old Rock House

Alright, so once I screamed into my pillow a couple times at the realization the the Jones Street Boys changed their name to Jones Street Station, I put on Overcome, and realized that I would rather just see them live. You know, let them redeem themselves. Will and I drove down to the Old Rock House after a poetry night at Meshuggahs and arrived to the 9:45 set only two songs late (the doorman was giving minors a hard time). I missed "River Wide" but arrived just in time for "Julia Belle". The Station did no t play many songs off of Overcome, but they did play a moving rendition of "Argentina" and I think they played "Walls of Time" and "Grand Canyon". The set was quick, but ended in an acoustic, intimate version of "Tall Buildings" with the crowd pushing up through the floor and the band huddling in one harmonic circle. It was a fun show to begin break after a long exam week, and the harmonica solos, guest appearance by Neil Erker (well he was ok i guess), and friendly atmosphere made a memorable night.

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